reverse effect

reverse effect
противоположный эффект

Englsh-Russian aviation and space dictionary. - M.: Military publishing house USSR Ministry of Defence. . 1974.

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  • reverse — An informal name for a reverse repurchase agreement. American Banker Glossary * * * ▪ I. reverse re‧verse 1 [rɪˈvɜːs ǁ ɜːrs] verb [transitive] 1. to change something such as a decision, judgement, or process so that it is the opposite of what it… …   Financial and business terms

  • reverse — [[t]rɪvɜ͟ː(r)s[/t]] ♦♦♦ reverses, reversing, reversed 1) VERB When someone or something reverses a decision, policy, or trend, they change it to the opposite decision, policy, or trend. [V n] They have made it clear they will not reverse the… …   English dictionary

  • reverse — 01. I didn t realize the car was in [reverse], and I accidentally backed into the wall. 02. Korea s strong economic growth this past year has been a welcome [reversal] of the downward trend of the past few years. 03. In sentences using the… …   Grammatical examples in English

  • Reverse echo — or reverb, also known as backwards echo, is a slightly unusual sound effect created as the result of recording an echo or delayed signal of an audio recording whilst being played backwards. The original recording is then played forwards… …   Wikipedia

  • Reverse psychology — is a persuasion technique that involves the false advocacy of a belief or behavior contrary to the belief or behavior that is actually being advocated. This technique relies on the psychological phenomenon of reactance, in which a person has a… …   Wikipedia

  • Reverse genetics — is an approach to discovering the function of a gene that proceeds in the opposite direction of so called forward genetic screens of classical genetics. Simply put, while forward genetics seeks to find the genetic basis of a phenotype or trait,… …   Wikipedia

  • Reverse tape effects — are special effects created by recording sound onto magnetic tape and then physically reversing the tape so that when the tape is played back, the sounds recorded on it are literally heard in reverse. Backmasking is a type of reverse tape effect …   Wikipedia

  • reverse — vb 1 Reverse, transpose, invert can all mean to change to the contrary or opposite side or position. Reverse is the most general of these terms, implying a change to the opposite not only in side or position but also in direction, order, sequence …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • Reverse acting — is the process by which an actor is filmed performing actions in reverse order. When the film is reversed, actions are seen in the correct order but individual movements are perceived as being subtly (or obviously) off. Film of an actor falling… …   Wikipedia

  • Reverse sensitivity — is a term from the New Zealand planning system. It describes the impacts of newer uses on prior activities occurring in mixed use areas. Some activities tend to have the effect of limiting the ability of established ones to continue. A key… …   Wikipedia

  • Reverse takeover — (reverse IPO) is the acquisition of a public company by a private company to bypass the lengthy and complex process of going public. The transaction typically requires reorganization of capitalization of the acquiring company.ProcessIn a reverse… …   Wikipedia

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